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White Fillings in Nottingham

Here at Smilesahead Dental, Dr Amarjit Gill and the team at our offices in Wollaton, Nottingham see ourselves primarily as health care providers who can also give you exceptional cosmetic dentistry. A large amount of our routine work involves upgrading the obsolete materials and techniques of dentistry, which used non-precious metals such as amalgam fillings (silver / black coloured) containing mercury

Is mercury in my mouth poisoning me?

Even though the scientific research yields mixed results, there is evidence that there is definitely leakage from the mercury and so a sensible view could be that ‘as we have such improved materials and technology, why take the risk’?

Should I replace my old mercury amalgam fillings?

Yes, but when it’s appropriate. Whilst we know how to safely remove many amalgam fillings in one go, we prefer to change them as they wear out or become problematical. If nothing else, It’s nicer for you. As prevention based dental professionals, our job is to make sure that you don't require more extensive treatment in the future; we’ll give you advice and a few options to choose from.

What are my options?

The good news is that the advancements of modern dental materials and techniques have provided us with viable and effective solutions to problems caused by mercury fillings.

White fillings, inlays & crowns are ways of replacing the amalgam fillings, so when you smile you won’t see any of those unsightly silver or black fillings giving you a beautiful natural looking smile.

Porcelain inlays or onlays are a wonderful option because not only is the material attractive and strong, but by using new materials along with modern techniques in adhesion dentistry, we can create a situation where the new restoration is actually bonded into the structure of the tooth. The result is a newer, healthier tooth that in many cases is even stronger than the original tooth.

With composite resin and porcelain restorations, the colour shade can be matched to your natural teeth and you can't even tell that there is a filling in the tooth! The white filling!

White Filling Appointment

The length of the appointment will depend on a number of fillings being treated & the size. The appointment is typically between 20-30 minutes. The decay or old amalgam is removed, the tooth is shaped. The hole is filled with a tooth coloured paste or composite containing glass. The composite is molded in the tooth then set hard using a powerful light, so you can eat immediately on the tooth If looked after they can expect to last between 2-10 years. The disadvantages with white fillings are they can stain with age, they are less durable than amalgam & can cause sensitivity if used improperly.

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